Why Didn’t Imam Ali (as) Fight For His Rights?


Asalamualaikum Shaikh Hanif

I have been dealing with a lot of questions in my head for the past 22 years of my life. I am a devout Muslim and believe in Allah and his Prophet (pbuh) alhamdullilah. However, I have been struggling with everything that comes after this belief, i.e. shiaism and sunnism. I grew up in a household that had both these ideologies, and now I am married to a wonderful man (alhamdullilah) who is a very devout Shia. I learned a great deal about both of them, and for this I am grateful, but I am also still quite confused.
To some extent, and maybe more so than me, you have dealt with a similar problem that led you closer to the truth of Islam. As a revert, I believe you can help me find my way. Everytime I try and do my research, I get more confused because I just don’t know what to believe.

Okay so here’s a question: I understand the idea that Hazrat Ali did not argue or fight Abu Bakr for leadership after the Prophet’s death because he wanted to keep the peace and believed that it would be best that way. However, if he believed that the Prophet and God himself appointed him as the successor, wouldn’t it have been compulsory on him to fight for what is right and not let Abu Bakr take the throne when it was unjust and would lead the people astray? Just like Imam Hussein fought Yazid to not let him lead the Ummah astray?

Sh. Hanif Answers Questions Regarding Wife Beating

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Questions for Said

I received the following email about a week ago and addressed it as follows:

Salam Alaikum Sheikh Hanif,

Sorry it took me so long to respond, I have been busy with school. Can you explain verse 4:34 from the Quran, it talks about beating woman as being acceptable. Can you also explain to me verse 2:223 form the Quran, it talks about there is no rape in marriage. Can you explain verse 23:5-6 from the Quran, it talks about how you can sleep with your slaves.

My Review of UMAA Convention 2013

conference of Ali

This weekend I had the honor of participating in one of the best Islamic conferences I have been to in a while. I have to say hats off to the UMAA organization for putting this conference together. They really stepped their game up by making this a great event for the family to attend. They even provided professional childcare for the youngsters that included interesting learning sessions to productively occupy their time. The theme of this year’s conference was the “Conference of Ali”, celebrating the birth of the “self” of the Prophet (sawas) Imam Ali (as). It was amazing to hear subjects pertaining to education, outreach, tolerance, politics, being expounded on through the sayings and sermons of Imam Ali (as). My biggest complaint though, was that I couldn’t be in more places at once. The deck was stacked with a list of great international scholars and speakers that didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait until all the video footage is uploaded so that those who weren’t in attendance can benefit from the wisdom of the presenters.

A Tribute to Grandma

my granny

I am truly grateful that God has allowed me to have my grandmother for 41 years. I do realize that my relationship with my grandmother is not the same as everyone else’s but I believe it is close. So for those that have lost their grandmothers or any other matriarchal figures I hope that this will allow you to reflect on fond memories and give you comfort.

Henrietta Dawson Reeves

Today I lost my first love! This wasn’t puppy love, teenaged love or lustful love; this was pure, unadulterated and unconditional love! This was a love that only comes second to the love of God! This was a forgiving and merciful love that made you turn to the love of God.

In God We Trust?


Hanif Mohammed

I recently went to traffic court with a friend and I noticed something peculiar, the deputy that was swearing people in was saying, “so help you” and not “so help you God.” This made me think; I wanted to know if saying “so help you God” had been removed from the swearing in statement for court proceedings. I didn’t have to wait for long to get an answer because when the first deputy was relieved, the next deputy included God during the swearing in statement. I stayed in the courtroom until all the cases were heard so that I could ask the deputies why one referenced God and the other didn’t. Before I could talk to the deputies the Assistant District Attorney came out of the courtroom and I asked her about the swearing in statement and she let me know that referencing God was optional. 

Boston Bombings

The recent bombings in Boston has everyone on high alert, and there are none more alert than the Islamic community here in America. Many of us have grown tired and weary of having to carry the burden of a few misguided individuals that have not upheld the tenets of Islam by committing acts contrary to the beliefs and teachings of Islam. The past few days have been filled with anguish and anticipation. Muslims throughout the country have come together and have been making extra duas (prayers and supplications) that the perpetrators of these heinous crime aren’t Muslims or don’t claim to be Muslims. We agree with our President and the other citizens of this nation that those that are responsible for these acts need to be found and punished to the full extent of the law.

Question On Advice For Our Youth Not Believing in God

Sh. Hanif was asked:

I have a problem that I am seeking your advice since you have extensive experience dealing with youth.

My teen-aged son who was born and raised in the West is a well behaved kid in general with not much trouble. In the past I had to constantly remind him of his prayers gently and (sometimes with yelling). I noticed he was careless of prayers and was skipping or lying sometimes about completing his prayers and I most of the times kept cool since I know I cannot force him .

Milad un Nabi Presented By The Toronto Area TMA’s. Q&A Session

tma 1

On February 22, 2013 the TMA organizations at York U, UTM and UTSC came together to celebrate the birth of our beloved Prophet Muhammad (sawas). The event was held the beautiful Taj Banquet Hall and all that were in attendance were treated with delicious food and lively entertainment. Sh. Hanif Mohammed delivered the key note speech and demonstrated how our Prophet dealt with the problems that are plaguing us today 1400 years ago. Because there were so many questions asked during the Q&A session not all of them were answered. Sh. Hanif informed the audience that he would address them all and they are presented here in this article.

Q1. How about disregarding a few human lives for scientific progression? Did the Prophet deal with that? What if this scientific progression can save the lives of millions.

The Sin Of Back Biting In Islam (Gheebah)

Backbiting and Its Effects

 Insha’Allah tonight we continue with the tafseer of Surah Hujurat. Again this is the chapter that gives us our moral compass. And tonight we will discuss the last part of verse 12 which says:

… Nor backbite one another; would any of you like to eat the flesh of his dead brother? You would abhor it.(Qur’an 49:12)

The whole of verse twelve is actually talking about diseases of the soul and how the soul and their harmful effects. The worst thing that a human being can do is attack the dead body of another human. Allah makes the act of gheebah (backbiting) worst then just an attack he equates it with eating the flesh of your brother. In fact we have some laws in Islam that Allah will forgive us for committing only after we receive the forgiveness from the one that has been offended. What is amazing about this verse is that two are represented in one place. Being suspicious of the believers and backbiting the believers.

Interview with, Brother Jihad Rasuwl, author of “Universal Brotherhood.”

Sh. Hanif Mohammed

Last night I2SP Radio had the honor of interviewing Brother Jihad Rasuwl, the author of the book, Universal Brother; Quranic Solutions To Overcome Racism and Oppression.  I remember first meeting Brother Jihad over the telephone through a mutual jr1friend, we talked for a very long time and we became the best friends from that point.

It is always good to find people that are passionate about the affairs of others and this brother is very passionate about humanity as a whole and Muslims and African-Americans specifically. When we would converse about the issues  plaguing humanity, we didn’t do what most people do, COMPLAIN! We actually discussed real viable solutions. It was during one of these conversations that Brother Jihad told me that he was in the process writing a book and he allowed me to read the first few pages. I was blown away by the information and couldn’t read the material fast enough. Over the course of a few years, countless interviews and a move Brother Jihad sent me a completed copy of the book for review.

Let me tell you, the completed  book far exceeded my expectations. The raw, unbridled, in your face style of the